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June 16th - June 17th 2007


A typically summer day at the Nurburgring with temperatures in the low 60s and on-an-off  rain was the setting for the second event of the year for Group C /GTP Racing.  

A good turnout saw the Silk Cut JaguarXJR12 of Justin Law stepping out with the very smart Nissan R90CK of Henry Pearman and the immaculately prepared Porsche 962 of Mark Sumpter.The race went wet minutes before the start and the resulting tyre changing excitement left pole man Sumpter with an unhelpful setup which cost him 3 places in 5 laps “It was driving like a rally car with 100 metres of wheel spin on the straight” . 

David Mercer conquered the elements in his Spice with a smooth move from third to take the line honours, but not without a tussle with a welcome newcomer in Freddie Kumschick from Switzerland in his Spice Chevrolet.Sunday dawned bright and the second race times tumbled as Sumpter hit his stride  pulling out a comfortable lead that he never lost. The chase by the Mercer Spice didn’t materialise due to a faulty battery and there was an early threat from Justin Laws Jaguar.  

The normally aspirated Kumschick Chevrolet despite a faulty fuel system still managed to retain third place.Australian Rob Sherrard rounded of a mixed weekend to scoop GTP2 and Jim Loftis having wound the Mazda 757 to 9500 rpm left a number of German spectators suitably deafened before winning the GTP 4 class.



 Race 1 Results
 1st PlaceDavid Mercer Spice SE 90 
 2nd PlaceFreddie Kumchick Spice Chevrolet 
 3rd PlaceJustin Law Jaguar XJR 12 
 4th PlaceMark Sumpter Porsche 962 
 5th PlaceHenry Pearman Nissan R90 
 6th PlaceNick Rini Jaguar XJR 12 



 Race 2 Results
 1st PlaceMark Sumpter Porsche 962 
 2nd PlaceDavid MercerSpice SE 90 
 3rd PlaceFreddie KumchickSpice Chevrolet 
 4th Place Henry PearmanNissan R90 
 5th Place Neil ClarkeSpice SE 90 
 6th Place Richard OddieArgo Chevrolet