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Spa Classic May 13 - 15

Event Information


Spa Classic Provisional Timetable

Spa Classic Detailed Timetable

Spa Classic Final Instructions

Group C Tyre Order Form

Group C Provisonal Entry List

Fuel order form

Extra Catering, tickets booking form

Team Information form


SPA FRIDAY MORNING TEST BOOKING FORM.  There will be 2 x25 minutes practice sessions on Friday morning for 250 euros which MUST be pre-booked using this form and returned to Peter Auto. 


PIT WINDOW - The pit window has been extended to 10 minutes and will now be between the 18th to 28th minute into the race.

PIT STOP - The mandatory pit stop will remain as 4 minutes

PODIUM - The podium process will revert back to last years format of 1st, 2nd, 3rd in C1, C2 & C3.

SECOND DRIVERS - The driver in a two driver team that sets the fastest time in qualifying MUST be the starting driver of each race.

HANS DEVICE -  This year it will be MANDATORY that ALL Drivers have a HANS Device of an FIA approved standard.

GROUP C TECHNICAL PASS/FIA HTP PAPERS -  As part of your entry you are required to submit a full copy of either your FIA HTP Papers or a Group C Technical Passport.  Please contact zoe@groupcracing.com for a technical passport. 

TRANSPONDERS - If not done so already, please notify Zoe@groupcracing.com your transponder number.  If you need to hire a Transponder it is mandatory that you MUST PRE-ORDER your transponder with Al Kamel Timekeepers.  No transponders will be available for Hire without Pre-booking.

Click on link to pre-order:  http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/70it1w873kM5ffcmbfhvbW9B

RACE LICENCES - All Peter Auto grids (Classic Endurance Racing / Group C Racing / Heritage Touring Cup / Sixties’ Endurance / Trofeo Nastro Rosso) are FIA International Series.

An international competition licence is therefore mandatory to take part in the series. The race being in Spain, National RACE issued licences will be accepted.

Group C: Only International competition licence will be accepted