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Tyre Announcement


All Avon tyres for the Group C/GTP Racing series, wets and slicks in all sizes will be available soon after Spa and in plenty of time before Monza.

Therefore after the Spa Classic (22-24 May 2015) there will be NO further dispensation to run any other make of tyre – slicks or wets.

As per the Group C/GTP Sporting and Technical Regulations 2015, BMTR are the approved Avon dealer and the Clubs sole nominated tyre supplier.  Only Avon tyres may be used.  For all cars the Slick tyre compounds are A24 and Wet weather tyres with compound W534.

Only two sets of new slick tyres per car may be introduced during each of the Club’s events.  All teams will be given a tyre nomination pad, each team will be required to complete the form well in advance of the first qualifying session of each event and must hand one copy of the form to a member of the Group C staff.  If for any reason another tyre is needed this must be pre- authorised by the Group C Co-ordinator.

For all of your tyre requirements please contact BMTR – tel: +44 (0) 121 331 1122 Email: racedivision@bmtr.co.uk.

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